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Dennis Nickens Mr. Spiritual Romeo

Dennis Nickens aka "Spiritual Romeo" is a relationship builder that out to help people understand that you have been created to do something great. With God being at the center of your life, you can place your faith in His promise and trust His process

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My vision is to encourage people to believe that in God’s eyes, you are special. If you are special in the eyes of God, you should have some form of expectation that when he created you, he created you with value.

Relationship Building

Entering in a relationship have the Faith in believing that God has implanted the right kind of stuff in you. This stuff that was planted in you is out to help develop and grow your relationsihp. Be wise in making decisions, nevertheless understand that growing your relationship does not mean that everyday is going to be a day that you enjoy. Learn that God’s people has been equipped with required tools that will help them through the process of dealing with a situation. Allow the spirt of God to assist you in the process of working on what ever issues you may face.

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